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clothes-throw-away-your-20s-30sThere is more you can do than you realise. Individuals, families, and communications have choices. They also have a responsibility to doing more to cut waste. It doesn’t take a great deal of time or effort to make a positive change. Being well informed is the first step to deciding to make some changes that help your environment now and the future.


Think about creative ways you can reuse articles of clothing. They may be not something you can give for someone else to wear. However, you can use them to cut into strips for rags to clean with. Older shirts can be donated to schools for them to use in art classes. The children can just slip them on over their clothing to protect them.

How clothing reuse & recycling helps the environment allows you to come up with new ways all the time to reuse such items. You can even take strips of different materials to make blankets or other items for pets and for kids. It all depends on how much time and effort you want to put into a project. Being able to give back to your community though brings plenty of satisfaction.


Donating clothing you don’t wear but others can is a very generous effort. It means less is going into the landfills. At the same time, those in need can go to various resources to get items they need for school or to wear to work. Discovering how clothing reuse & recycling helps the environment allows you to be proactive with recycling.

It can be a driving force behind you getting others involved in the cause. Perhaps you belong to community organisations. You can share your knowledge and have a clothing driving. Everyone can go through their own items and bring them to a central place on a given date.

Save Materials

Part of how clothing reuse & recycling helps the environment is to reduce the use of new materials. The clothing can be used again for new projects and that means less of the new materials are going to be used. As a result, both energy and resources can be saved. You may just be one person, but think globally of the amount of savings it can add up to annually!

Reduce Pollution

A common threat to any environment is the pollutants in the air. We all breathe them in and they can also get into our water resources. Reducing pollution is how clothing reuse & recycling helps the environment. You will be helping to reduce air and water pollution through your efforts.

Save Space

The amount of landfill space consumed is astronomical. Most people don’t realise how much area it continues to take up. As the population increases, it is more important than ever to reduce what goes into the landfill. Implementing how clothing reuse & recycling helps the environment reduces volumes of clothing from going to the landfill.

Ideally, we should all get into the habit of reusing and recycling as much as possible. Doing so will enable landfills to only be added to with materials that don’t have any other value. It would cut the contributions to landfills dramatically.

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