List of Habits Causing Environmental Damage Unknowingly

Posted on June 23, 2016 By

Switched on Lights: I’m sure that your dad or mom has told you over a million times to switch off your lights. They are pretty much right. Not only does switched on lights increase your electricity bill, but it also increases emissions harmful for the environment.

Kettle boiling: More often than not, we end up boiling more water than we actually require thus leading to more use of electricity and cause damage to the environment adversely. You can always use a much more energy efficient boiler and save on energy.

Farmed Meat: This is for those folks who aren’t exactly vegan in nature. The farmed meat industry is regarded as one of the most environment damaging industries around. These industries processing the meat span across several acres of vegetative land which is eventually destroyed to erect the factories.

Commuting: It is very much obvious, the more you commute, the more vehicles you require and thus the more pollution it causes. Fuel economy is on the rise and somewhere down the road; we will run out of fossil fuels. To add to that misery we probably would have destroyed our environment too. We need to

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