How Briquetting Plants Are Helping The Environment

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What is a Briquette?

A briquette is a compressed block of coal dust or any other form of combustible fuel like charcoal, sawdust, wood chips or peat that is used as fuel.

The term Briquette is derived from the French “Brique” meaning ‘Brick.’

What is a Briquetting plant?

A briquetting plant is a technology that converts all kinds of industrial, forest and agricultural waste into green and fuel. Briquettes formed from this plant are made either into cylindrical or rectangular logs under high heat and pressure, and some of these plants don’t use any chemical substance or binder.

The Problem

Fuel is the primary need for any country that whose backbone lies in the Industrial sector. More and more exhaustible sources of energy are diminishing each day. As a result, there is an immediate need to adopt new sources of energy which can help sustain the economic growth without any negative repercussions. It is essential to find ways to continue production without causing any further damage to nature or mankind.

The Solution

Every year, millions of tons of biodegradable waste are simply burnt away and is one of the major causes of air pollution. But, instead of burning it, we can make optimum use of this waste through Briquetting machines. All the waste is collected in large storage units and is recycled to produce solid fuel that can be used to heat industrial boilers. This is a renewable source of energy and is perfect in countries that produce tonnes of agriculture and forest waste each year.

Not only does it put the agro-forest waste to good use, but it also becomes a source of revenue and saves the Global environment by producing clean and green energy.

Advantages of Biomass Briquettes

Briquettes are fair substitutes for black coal and have several advantages over it:

• More economical than coal

• Unlike coal, briquettes are renewable sources of energy

• Much more environmentally friendly when compared to coal

• No residue or waste while burning briquettes

• The burning of briquettes is more uniform as briquettes are more volatile as compared to other traditional fuels.

What is a Briquette Machine?

A briquettes machine is a machine that helps in making briquettes. The large amounts of biowaste can be converted into briquettes in a small amount of time without the use of labor or chemical binding agents.

Why use Briquettes?

Not only do briquettes have high potential to generate energy, but it also helps in reducing land, soil and air pollution. Moreover, this process of recycling biowaste and converting it into fuel is very economical and also has low maintenance cost.

Briquettes are rapidly gaining popularity and are becoming the first choice of industries as a primary source of energy.

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