How a Recycling Company Helps Protect and Preserve the Environment

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A recycling company takes on the noble task of transforming unwanted materials into new, usable products, as opposed to discarding them as trash. Because of the dedication and services of these businesses, the earth and its inhabitants benefit greatly.

Reducing Landfill Waste

The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States (EPA) says that one of the many benefits of reusing materials is reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. The Agency also states that nearly 55% of trash is sent to landfills. Because the trash is buried and therefore takes an extremely long time to decompose, the environment suffers.

The waste buried in these areas contaminates the groundwater and the soil while producing a powerful greenhouse gas called methane. This gas is even more potent than carbon dioxide. Not only is this harmful for the environment as a whole, but it’s also particularly unsafe for those who may live close by. Luckily, a recycling company gives people the option to significantly reduce the waste buried in landfills, thereby helping to protect and preserve the atmosphere.

Conserving Natural Resources

According to data released by the EPA in 2006, recycling saved six million tons of iron ore, 62,500 tons of limestone, 714 million trees, and 292,026 million gallons of water in 2005 alone. Without the reprocessing of waste, all of the aforementioned natural resources would be currently non-existent.

Saving Energy

Recycling also helps to save energy. The conventional production of energy requires the use of fossil fuels, which produce harmful emissions that taint both air and water. The process of reusing waste materials consumes less energy, thereby decreasing the rate of producing air and water pollutants.

Protecting Future Generations

The benefits of recycling aren’t just useful to the current generations, but they are also beneficial to generations not yet born. As previously mentioned, greenhouse gasses like methane are created as a result of landfills and contribute to global warming, a progressive increase in the earth’s temperature. This includes the surface of the earth, the oceans, and the atmosphere. As this issue continues to worsen, the effects could potentially become irreversible, leaving future generations to contend with unusually high temperatures.

Similarly, the depletion of nonrenewable resources could also be a threat to people in the future. Of course, some of these materials, such as oil, coal, and natural gas, can eventually be replaced naturally. However, this process could literally take billions of years-way too much time to be of any use today or in the distant future.

The duties of a recycling company are far more important than some may realize. These businesses do much more than collect bins sitting outside of residences. They play a very important part in ensuring that the environment is as safe as possible for those who currently exist and those who will be born in the years to come.

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