4 Important Methods for Safe Water Treatment

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Safe water treatment is an adventure in many ways. It requires careful planning and analysis in order to remove all the impure and harmful particles from the water. However it is not a very easy job. There is a lot of hard work and perseverance attached to it. Purifying water requires any person to make the water as clean as possible and make it safe for drinking. Some important tips for safe water treatment have been explained in detail below.

1. Boiling the water

This is a very traditional practice that is being followed even now. It is extremely reliable, but time consuming. If it is done properly, the boiling process can kill almost all the microorganisms, bacteria, parasitic cysts and viruses. Thus, many doctors recommend to boil water before drinking or storing it for future purposes.

2. Micro filtration of water

This is a procedure that can effectively remove the larger organisms and bacteria. There are a lot of models that claim to remove the viruses without having the need for chemical treatment. Other models have a varying pore size on the element of filter and this is more often than not measured in terms of microns. The smaller the size of the pore, the better is the ability to remove all the foreign contaminants. Micro filtration also has many advantages associated with it. For starters, it can eliminate most of the viruses and there will not be any chemical taste. You can also drink it right away without worrying about much.

3. The UV sterilization method

The sterilization process can harness a very brilliant power of ultraviolet light in order to make water much safer to drink. This is the exact same technology that is used by the manufacturers of bottled water. All major cities in Europe, U.S., and Asia also purify water the exact same way.

4. Tablets

Pills or tablets are very effective for the treatment of water. A pill can make water safe from a bacteriological point of view. The second pill that is added can remove and completely eradicate the iodine content in water if not the iodine taste. For this particular system to work effectively, you will have to be extremely patient.

Follow the above methods or tips in order to avoid water borne diseases. These water borne diseases can cause a lot of health and hygiene problems. Thus prevention is always better than cure.

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